The Milly, Molly series of books are written for children up to eight years of age. The stories relate the adventures of two little girls from different ethnic backgrounds (with their multi-cultural friends), and promote the acceptance of diversity and the learning of life skills. 
The stories deal with the kinds of questions and trials that children face every day–and offer understanding in such matters as honesty, respect for others, difference, tenacity, exercise, cooperation, respect for nature, bullying, stranger danger, forgiveness, trustworthiness, responsibility, loyalty, loss and grief–and many other areas that are challenging to young children.
Their message is captured in the simple phrase: “We may look different but we feel the same.”


“Milly, Molly is a wonderful bunch of books. A real find.”- Robert Munsch.

Noted author of bestselling children’s books.

“Kids who are lucky enough to meet Milly and Molly will experience a wide variety of captivating adventures designed to help them appreciate diversity and learn to cope with challenges of life. Suitable for families worldwide, this creatively written and beautifully illustrated series gives parents a unique opportunity to help their children think about how to get along with others, and learn values that will help them become happy, competent, and successful human beings.”

-Dr. Myrna Shure,
Research Professor, MCP/Hahnemann University
(Drexel University) Pennsylvania, USA
(Dr. Shure’s field of expertise lies in Child Development and Family Relationships)

“The underlying morals inherent within the texts are important for children of the twenty-first century to take as their own... the language used to carry the stories is lively and exciting for young readers... the language and style is simply good literature... suitable as teaching texts in social studies or health programs anywhere in the world where difference is an integral component of a community”

- Professor Dr. Sigrid Markmann
Dean of the Faculty of Literature and Linguistics - University of Osnabrück, Germany


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A superb pack for a special girl. A topsy-turvy Milly, Molly doll, 2 beautiful Milly, Molly books (of your choice), and a Milly, Molly colouring book and cloth poster!


Eleven inches long (26.5cm)
Made from 100% pure New Zealand wool and stuffed with polyester filling. 


An enchanting double-headed dressable doll with Molly at one end – turn her over and pull her skirt down to reveal Milly at the other end. Milly and Molly carry the message - "we may look different but we feel the same".



Milly and Molly find that being honest has its own rewards.


**Building Self Esteem in Others**

Behind every name there is a special star.