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Friends of Milly Molly

Soon after they founded Milly, Molly author Gill Pittar and her husband John formed the Milly Molly Charitable Trust in New Zealand, (now The Friends of Milly, Molly (N.Z.) Inc.).

Milly Molly's Charitable arm has now been extended into the United States. The Friends of Milly, Molly Inc. is an IRC registered 501 (c)(3) charity, which aims: to promote the acceptance of diversity and the learning of life skills through literacy - 'for every child, a book.'

         NZ Army personnel distributing Milly, Molly Dolls to children in Afghanistan

Milly, Molly has formed this United States-based charity in order to further the quest for greater respect and tolerance among people of the world – and to advance the learning of life-skills and the growth of character education for all children through literacy. Part of the proceeds from the sale of every book in North America goes to The Friends of Milly, Molly Inc.

The Friends have already made several donations of books to children in need in the United States. A very substantial donation of 85,000 Milly, Molly books with a retail value of US$850,000, has recently been pledged to World Vision - USA. These books will be distributed to needy schools and children over the course of the year, through WVUSA's eleven Storehouse centers across the US.

Since its inception in 1999, Milly Molly has grown into a concept which embraces over 110 countries and twenty-nine languages. At the same time, branches of The Friends have been quietly donating Milly Molly books and dolls to needy children in hospitals, kindergartens and schools in New Zealand, Fiji, East Timor, Malaysia, Afghanistan, the United Kingdom and North America. Other noteworthy donations in the U.S. include 5,000 dolls to The Marines Toys for Tots program in New York, and nearly 16,000 Milly, Molly books to the First Book National Book Bank. (see Grants page for further details)

In 2005, The Friends of Milly, Molly (N.Z.) Inc. and World Vision - N.Z. formed a strategic alliance to help each other to bring literacy and life-skills education to needy children in Africa. As an immediate result of this relationship, John Clough, National Director of The Friends, together with his wife Anne and Helen Green, CEO of World Vision - N.Z. travelled to Tanzania and Uganda and presented books and soccer balls to the schools they visited. Subsequently, World Vision - Uganda, 'market tested' the books and then requested two 40' container loads of Milly, Molly books to satisfy the demand from Ugandan schools. A joint funding initiative is currently being explored. We hope to expand these initiatives by working in partnership with Foundations, Corporates and like-minded people who share a similar vision and really want to help Milly, Molly make a difference. Support the Friends

To support the Friends with your donation:

Buy an individual title: for every US$3.00 that you donate, Milly, Molly Group will contribute a further $0.50c and a needy child will receive a book. For donations of US$9,000 we can arrange for a minimum print run of 3,000 books with a personal acknowledgement of your generous donation, inside each book.

The Friends of Milly, Molly Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Donations to it are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. EIN: 30-0256297.


Tel: 1-866-88-MILLY (1-866-886-4559)