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QBook™ is a range of interactive storybooks designed by Kiwa Digital for children of all ages. More than just an average e-book, a QBook uses the iPad and iPhone to create the perfect palette for an author's content to be viewed. 

A QBook brings stories to life in a huge range of languages, that combine a narrator's voice with touchable text synchronized to highlight and sound when words are swiped or touched.  With illustrations and animations, books that were once only still images are opened into a world full of imagination and magic. There are great puzzles and games to enjoy as well as word games to help with early education and entertain the kids while on the go.

QBooks feature Swipe-to-Read™,Touch-to-Hear™ and Touch-to-Spell™technologies to heighten the reading experience and encourage kids to learn, create and share, with additional features such as the ability to record your own narration, colour in images from the book.  A QBook is a great activity for kids of all ages and helps to develop reading and comprehension skills.

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"I give it a 9/10! Awesome app". - Appshouter

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