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Q: What can you buy online and what are the postage and packaging costs applicable to different countries?

A: The full range of Milly, Molly products are available to anywhere in the world through our Online Shop.
New Zealand – North Island costs $7.50 per bag or $10.50 per carton. South Island costs $10.50 per bag or $15.50 per carton.
International – NZ$19.90 to Australia and South Pacific; NZ$24.90 to East Asia, North America, UK, and Europe; NZ$35.00 to Rest of the World, per order. 


Q: I live in Sweden. Can I purchase items from your Online Shop? Also are the DVDs playable in Europe?

A: Yes you can order from the online shop. The DVD’s are in PAL format, which is most widely used throughout the world. The DVD’s are currently playing in many European countries and we have never received a complaint from anyone unable to play them.


Q: Do your DVDs play in Northern Ireland (Region 2)?

A: Yes, they do play happily in Northern Ireland and orders are being despatched to Ireland and the UK daily.


Q: How long does delivery take to the U.K.?

A: Delivery normally takes about a week  but allow 10 -12 days in December.


Q: How long a delivery to Australia and Hong Kong will normally take?

A: Delivery normally takes about five days to either country.