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'Feeling the Same' Campaign

‘The Friends of Milly, Molly (N.Z) Inc’ and ‘KidsCan Charitable Trust’ have joined forces to make a real difference in the lives of New Zealand’s most disadvantaged children.
Proposal (pdf)

Our Mission: To provide disadvantaged New Zealand children with reading resources to promote literacy, and to assist them in dealing with situations that arise during school, home life and play.
Our Vision: To promote the acceptance of diversity and the learning of life skills through literacy - 'for every child, a book.' 

Together,’ The Friends’ and ‘KidsCan’ aim to provide underprivileged new entrant children in decile 1-3 each year, with a ‘Feeling the Same’ kit containing the following:

  • A high quality drawstring bag that can be used as a school bag
  • 3 Milly, Molly books, each carrying an essential life skill message
  • Milly, Molly and Betelgeuse: building self esteem in others
  • Milly, Molly and Pennyroyal: control of anger
  • Milly, Molly and Bunt-me-Not: respect
  • A green (meaning: good luck, youth, vigour) printed silicone wrist band to show unity in feeling the same on their first days of school

The bags will be distributed nationwide through the ‘KidsCan’ network and will cover low decile schools throughout NZ. Each year, there are approximately 5000 children starting school in decile 1 – 3 so the goal is to provide for approximately 15,000 children.

From quotes received, it is projected that each bag and its contents will cost $5.00, including administration and logistics. It will therefore cost approximately $25,000 per decile.

‘The Friends’ and ‘KidsCan’ are currently seeking sponsorship from corporate organisations, philanthropists and individuals, and would be most grateful for your support.
A $5000 donation will provide approximately 1000 NZ children with a school bag, wristband and 3 Milly, Molly books. All donations are tax deductible and if agreeable, your logo/name will be printed on the inside cover of each book and appear on both web sites.

Alternatively, a one off donation of any value would be greatly received and will contribute enormously to changing the lives of New Zealand’s most underprivileged children.

To make a donation, please download and print our donation form and return via the following options:
Email: donations@millymolly.com
Fax: 06 868 7767
Post: The Friends of Milly Molly (N.Z) Trust
'Feeling the Same' Campaign
PO Box 539
Gisborne 4040, New Zealand

Alternatively, please contact Kate Wallingford directly: Kate.Wallingford@millymolly.com