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How we can help you raise funds

If you are a Charity, School or Kindergarten that wishes to affect children's lives in a positive way–by building self-esteem through literacy and the development of life-skills–and if you are also looking to raise some funds, then Milly, Molly can help you.

Register your organisation with Milly, Molly and we will set up a facility for you to buy Milly, Molly books, dolls, audio and interactive CD ROMS direct, at Wholesale prices.

This offer is available only to registered 'not-for-profit' organisations. Look what we are doing with N.Z.'s best known children's charity:

How Does This Work?

Contact us, and we will send you a PDF Order Form, and a Catalogue, which you can send out to all your members–offering them Milly, Molly products at a 25% discount on the Retail price.

  • Your members send the Order Forms back to you.
  • You total the Order up, and send it to us with your remittance. Milly, Molly supplies your organisation at a 45% discount to retail.
  • You distribute the orders to your members or we can, if you prefer.
  • Your organisation should make a 15% profit after costs–and after positively contributing to children's lives. Milly, Molly is the leading character education program in the world, and is contracted to 109 countries in 30 languages. The Milly, Molly books are widely read and loved by children up to age 8.

With Milly, Molly we can help each other to make a difference–"We may look different but we feel the same."

Milly Molly Group Holdings has concluded an agreement with AACASA (Australian African Children's Aid Support Association), to supply the charity with Milly, Molly products at wholesale prices. AACASA will use these discounted books and dolls to sell to their members, in order to raise funds for their work with children in Africa.

This is another example of the creative ways in which Milly, Molly can work with charitable agencies to help needy children towards literacy and building self-esteem http://www.aacasa.org.au

Brain Injury Association
The Friends of Milly, Molly entered into an agreement with the Brain Injury Association of New Zealand to print 3,000 copies of Milly, Molly and the Stowaways which features different children with various disabilities–including brain injury, blindness, amputees, deafness and speech impediments. The Brain Injury Association is selling the books to raise funds and is also seeking funding so that it can send a copy of the book to every primary school in New Zealand.

Milly, Molly and the Stowaways tells the story of a group of disabled children who seek recognition of the talent inherent in each of them and explains the difficulty they face when people can't see past their disability. The Brain Injury Association also purchased 30,000 Milly, Molly Christmas Cards as a fund raiser and as a token of personal thanks to those that have supported them throughout the year.