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Tell us what your favourite Milly, Molly book is and why you like it best? Tell us about where you live and about the school that you go to? Does your school have Milly, Molly books?

Or tell us about a special friend that you have, or a special pet and what makes them so special?

Each month we will select the "Best Contributor of the Month", who will receive a Milly, Molly book of their choice. Scroll down for pictures below.

You may email us at kidszone@millymolly.com
Or fax us at +64-6-868 7767
Or write to us at:
Milly, Molly Kidszone
P.O. Box 539
Gisborne 4040
New Zealand

I think my daughter Livvie & her best friend Becky are true Milly Molly girls! They do everything together & have done so since preschool.  They're going to try extra hard now that they are off to different intermediates in town this year....

Kind regards, Ngaire Rhodes
Te Karaka, New Zealand



Ivy Wallace - Age 6, Hong Kong (July 2014)


Mali Turkovic  - Age 11, Nesttun, Norway (January 2012)

Edward Lovise - Age 12, Vardø, Norway (January 2012)

Ruby Moss - Trim, County Meath, Ireland (November 2012)

Rune Gunnar - Eastham. MA02642. USA (August 2012)

India Sanchez (aged 6) - Spain (March 2012)

Dear Milly & Molly,
I hope you will like my picture. I made it all on my own. And I made it on Wednesday. It is a picture of you both together and having lots of fun and you are picking some lovely smelling flowers for your mum & dad.
I hope those flowers will make your mum & dad very proud of you for getting some lovely flowers in the park. And you are really really happy seeing marmalade and tomcat. And sometimes Milly visits Molly's house and sometimes Molly visits Milly's house.
I hope you like my picture and you post it on your website.
Lots of Love,
Sybil (aged 5) - Guildford, England (July 2011)


December 2009.

Jonathan Jackson, 7 years, Co.L.Derry, N. Ireland.
April 2008.

Georgia Thompson, 6 years, Awapuni School.
May 2007.